About Martin

The first contact with Emy was made while visiting her homepage at 12-08-98. I decided to leave a message in het guestbook and send her an email. Emy was enjoying a well deserved holiday in the States at that time.

Our first real life meeting was 31-10-98. A bit strange for both of us without a keyboard and mouse. But fortunately at the 14th of February 1999 the turnaround came (yes on valentinesday!). I had almost given up hope and was ready to leave, when finally both of us managed to show our true feelings for each other. 

Emy and I have got married!!! First in the Town Hall in Hoogeveen on Friday 29th October 1999 and on Saturday 30th October at we asked God for a blessing over our wedding in our Church in The Hague.

Because Emy lived in the west of the country and I in the East, we decided to look for a job for me in the west. 
The Job became working in a job in Leidschendam at "office centre", and since 17th April 2001 budget rent a car in Zoetermeer. Now called auto2day and moved to Gouda and Leiden.

September 2003 I started the lessons to become a truckdriver. All theory exams, traffic, administration and tecnical aspects, I needed to enter the practical test I passed in one go. In februari 2004 I passed the big practical test and received my truckdrivers license. As I was working so hard anyway, I decided to continue for a bit and passed my ADR certificat (Toxic's transport) and the trailerdriverslicense. The 6th of april was my last exam and I was able to start applying for jobs as a truckdriver.

On the first of juli 2004 I started as a national driver for an Italian delicatessendistributor in Zoetermeer.

We started looking for a job in Norway and after some searching and interviews I could start for Lars Kroken AS, a transport company, driving mainly in Norway for DFDS and Tolpost Globe. I drive to Ålesund and Sunnmøre daily.

As you might have noticed you arrived at the site of a Christian couple.
For me personally it took years to admit and that I am one, namely a Christian.

The big turnaround in my life was summer 1998 at Flevo festival.
I had never been to this big Christian Festival before, actually I would never go to Christian festivals or concerts. But the reason I went this year was that I wasn't happy with the way my life was going, I had and still have fun in live, but it seemed like something was lacking. I often looked at the 'net' at Christian sites, and something started to grow in me.
I first thought that God must have left me, because otherwise He would have supported me more in my life and I would have been a millionair at the age of 20, wouldn't I??

After a number of emails and an interview, I was given the job of leader of the ice and softdrink stall at the festival, from Thursday to Sunday. I had a team of about 18 young Christians around me.
And all the things I was worried about, ended up a lot easier then I thought. The thing I did worry about was opening the first meeting of the team on the first day with a good story and a prayer, and hand out the schedules.. Well I am sure God knew it was my first time, and as soon as I arrived at the festival grounds He has already sorted it out for me! The leader of the previous year was there, heard all about me, and helped me through those first days!!

During the festival, I started enjoying it more and more and there was enough time to visit the "Church tent" and to talk to the other young people and stall-leaders. I started to feel at home among those 10.000 other Christians.

And during the final church service my eyes were opened. The theme of the service was "the lost son"..... that was me!!!! well after the festival things happened quite quickly, I started going to concerts, following a Biblestudy through email (Manna Int.). And through the net I made contact with Christians all over the world.